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The Adinath Trading Company since 1986 is the private company committed to offering high-quality, healthy brands and helping consumers make better choices- every day. Buy Mamra Almonds on whole sale price at online shopping. Best quality Mamra Almonds, Kashmir Almonds and other Dry Fruits are available, We ship all over India. COD available.

Mamra almonds are rich in minerals, porteins and vitamins. Mamra almonds contains high amount of almond oil. Mamra Almonds cultivations are mostly organic or with least usage of chemicals. Mamra almonds have high nutritious content and more tastier than the all other almonds.Mamra almonds has been considered as an essential food item for growing children. Intake of 3-4 almonds soaked in water every day is good enough for health.


Health Benefits Of Mamra Almonds:

Mamra almonds helps in development of brain.

Mamra amonds helps to increase HDL and reduces the level of LDL.

Mamra amonds reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Mamra amonds prevents skin diseases.

Mamra amonds contorl BP.

Mamra amonds helps to cure Respiratory Diseases.

Mamra amonds Prevents Coronary Artery Disease.

Mamra amonds helps in reducing the rise in insulin levels.

Mamra amonds prevents constipation.

Mamra amonds has Vitamin E and Fiber.